Risk Management Services

Our range of value-added services includes delivering you custom solutions for all of your risk management needs including: exposure analysis, loss control techniques, OSHA compliance and reporting, safety education and training, claims analysis, and developing safety policies and programs.

Risk Management
We promise to identify your exposures to loss.
We promise to examine and recommend alternative techniques to control your loss.
We promise to implement and monitor the techniques we recommend.
We promise to seek continuous improvement.

We have many tools and resources available to help you achieve your risk management goals.

– Is your property valued correctly?
– Do you have employment-related issues?
– Do you have workers’ compensation issues you don’t know how to address?
– Is your net income protected?
– How much insurance do you need to protect your net income? Your assets?
– What deductibles should you have?

We will not take your business for granted. We promise to learn all we can about your business so we can provide you with expert recommendations and solutions to minimize exposures.  

Loss Control Techniques
– How can you avoid loss?
– How can you reduce the potential for loss?
– Can you separate your losses?
– Can you transfer risk through contracts?
– Did you know that 75% of commercial insurance expenses are claims-driven?

We promise to explore the answers to these questions and many more with you.  We promise to look for ways to reduce your claims-driven expenses through aggressive cost containment strategies. 


Education and Training 

Employee Safety Manuals


Risk Management Insight 

Claims Analysis  

We also extend many of our value-added services to you electronically through a client portal, your personal Risk Strategy Solutions website. Here is just a sampling of the loss control and risk management information that we can deliver to you via the site’s Collaboration Center:

Risk Insights
Regulations for Working with Lead-based Paint

Safety Matters
Safety Precautions in the Event of a Chemical Spill

Playing it Safe
Manage Toxic Gas Risks

Coverage Insights
Managing Mold Exposures

Property Move-In/Out Report

Commercial Property Fire Prevention